Beast & Buddies vision is to execute the following:

  • A division of New World Pharmers dedicated to enhancing the quality of day to day living for
    animals, pets, and athletes of all levels.
  • An advocate to support, promote and educate awareness to change the landscape of CBD
    as healthy natural medicine without harmful health risks and side effects.
  • A company that stands behind the quality and integrity of our lab tested products.
  • A leader in Medicinal Medicines /hemp extraction and infusion production, using our organic
    sustainable, pesticide and chemical free growing methodologies.
  • An essential resource to providing a wide range of health products along with nutritional
    food supplements, infused natural spring water, and healthy beverages.
  • A leader in research and development for continuous enhancement in product, technologies
    and internet of things (IoT) to produce the volume needed to accommodate the market
    demand for Beast & Buddies products worldwide.
  • positive contributor to future generations by making this world greener, safer and healthier
    for both Beast & Buddies.