For the Love of Pets

If you are among the ones who love their pets as much as people, you’re not alone! A recent Harris/Decima study reveals that more than half (53%) of Canadian pet owners think animals are more reliable than people;
“Pets offer us unconditional love and acceptance, which feeds our psychological needs as species, (leaderpost.com).”

The study clearly shows the level of care and affection we hold for our furry friends.
Pets are always there for us, no matter what. I don’t know anything more heart melting than a dog wagging its tail when we walk in the door from a long day at work, welcoming us like no others. According to Consumer Corner: Canadian Pet Market Outlook, 2014; “Fifty-seven percent of Canadian Households own pets which equates to 7.5 million households”, (www1.agric.gov.ab.ca), that’s more than half of the Canadian population!
On a sad note, animals have a shorter life expectancy than humans. As much as we don’t want to talk or think about it, they will eventually get sick; go through cancer or even an accident. When our precious dogs or cats are growing a tumour or facing surgery, we are willing to do anything to save them from suffering and have them back on their paws as soon as possible. When faced with a sick animal, we will traditionally give them what has been prescribed by the veterinarian and hope it can save them.
Most of the pain medications out there can cause more damage than good for our pets as they are mighty, weight sensitive and come with a never-ending list of side effects.

I personally was prescribed Tramadol for my dog to ease pain from a lump he had grown over the years. The medication had him go into seizure almost immediately! Sadly, he died a few days after.

Unfortunately, stories like this happen too often because we are unaware of better options available to us for our pets.
CBD would be among the most reliable option for pain relief. If this is the case; why aren’t veterinarians prescribing CBD more often? Unfortunately, veterinarians are not supposed to specify or talk about CBD with the patient. According to an article in the Georgia Straight_www.straight.com; Dr. Katherine Kramer, a veterinarian at Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital, spoke the truth on CBD; “For the last five years, she has been speaking about the benefits of CBD with her clients, despite the fact that B.C.’s College of Veterinarians says there isn’t enough research for vets to be prescribing it. While clinical research on pets and CBD has only just begun, Kramer says there’s no lack of anecdotal evidence to show that the cannabinoid can provide effective relief for dogs and cats suffering from a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, cancer, anxiety, and epilepsy.”
If I had known about CBD at the time, maybe my dog would still be here.

It is important to share this information with pet owners and stay informed on better alternatives for our animals as they hold such a prominent place in our lives. We want our pets happy and pain-free; two crucial components to raise healthy furry friends and CBD can do just that. It’s time to spread the good word and make a difference enhancing the lives of our furry friends!