Ageing in Sports

   There comes an age in life when we don’t bounce back as quickly as we used to, and recovering from a sports injury can become a lot more challenging. What can we do if we want to keep playing sports as we enter middle age? Is it even possible?

According to a recent article in U.S News, Are You Too Old for your Favorite Sport?

“At a certain point we have to realize we’re getting older and back off.” People who engage in high-impact sports like basketball, tennis, soccer and running can consider transitioning to other physical activities that are not as hard on the joints, such as bicycling, swimming, walking and using an elliptical machine”.

It can be a massive adjustment if you are used to playing those high impact sports and don’t want to give them up. Many of us do not want to make that adjustment, though. We still want the rush of skating down the rink on a breakaway, rolling off a pick to sink a basket, or nailing an ace.

Thankfully, there is a way that athletes can continue to enjoy higher impact sports into middle age – and beyond. Studies have shown that CBD could help bring our body back to a state of perfect balance/homeostasis.
According to Infusionz; “What’s important to know is CBD is internally reacting with your body in many positive ways. CBD has whole-body therapeutic benefits, such as helping the body to maintain homeostasis. The process of homeostasis regulates body temperature and the body’s water and salt balance”.

If you have had sports injuries and your body has never fully recovered, CBD could be the solution and change your life dramatically. The problem is that, to this day; CBD is not a well-known alternative to pain medication so we must educate ourselves and others about its benefits and the positive impacts it can have on our health.

Bryan Trottier shared his thoughts on CBD alternatives when facing aging in sports:

“Aging is a part of life just as wear and tear on the body is a part of life. As an athlete, if an injury occurred, I immediately went into recovery and rehab mode. But with aging, it’s my arthritis that doesn’t respond well with rehab and therapy. I do not want to rely strictly on over the counter pain killers or worse yet, prescription drugs, to give me the necessary relief and comfort needed. I look at my options today and see an option that wasn’t available to aging adults of yesterday. CBD is a solution and remedy that eliminates the ties to over the counter drugs or worse yet, addiction to painkillers. If you’re an aging athlete, try CBD or ask your doctor about CBD and its benefits, improve your activities and pain levels and if you’re a pet owner, see if CBD can enhance their quality of life too”.

Shayne Corson expressed his feelings about the process as well;

“ For me what was hard about getting older was the day after playing and recovering from that game. The body just didn’t recover or heal like it did when I was younger”.

When our body is balanced, it is much easier to be confident and optimistic about our aging body and learn to cope with those changes in a positive way. After all, a positive mindset is what brought some of the best athletes to the top. At any point in time, we have the opportunity to be the perfect version of ourselves and embrace our age with confidence.

                                                                   -Which paths to recovery will you choose?