CBD and Exercise, a Winning Combo!

The 21st century has been an era of change, where anything is possible. The sky is no longer the limit. Technology is on the rise, and we are moving from an agricultural to an industrial economy. We can access information within seconds from anywhere around the world and are led by a fast pace environment. Most of us often forget to take a minute to relax.  We go on our phones to browse the web instead of taking walks or go outdoors. A recent study from Mobile Statistics has found that we spend an average of 23 days per year on our phones! Overusing technology could and has lead to depression and anxiety (WebMD).

Interestingly, depression is on the rise along with antidepressant prescriptions. These prescription drugs are not the answer to the problem as they are filled with side effects that can affect our liver, kidneys and create dependence. Not only are they filled with side effects but also very costly.

According to Globe2Go; Canada has the third-highest prescription-drug prices in the world! If this doesn’t put a perspective on the issue, I don’t know what will! But what if we had the perfect remedy all along? What if CBD was the answer? Studies have shown CBD has been found to decrease anxiety and depression dramatically, lower seizures, eliminate migraines, and stop inflammation as well as treating many other commons health issues. CBD has physiological effects that promote and maintain health.

Exercise has also been found to help with depression since it releases endorphins in the brain, creating a natural high that can help regulate your mood tremendously. Some of us would love to exercise but are unable to due to extreme pain. It can become very much of a cycle; We don’t exercise anymore because we have joint pain and inflammation, then put on more weight, which makes us feel more depressed and unable to move around. Inflammation is an immune system response to tissue damage. Studies show that CBD is over 20xs stronger as an anti-inflammatory agent than aspirin, and 2x stronger than prescription hydrocortisone and contains over 100 active compounds. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain that create a natural high and can help regulate your mood tremendously. Cannabidiol (CBD) can also help with your mental health and get you past your barriers to gain the motivation required to exercise. Could a combination of CBD and exercise be the ultimate remedy? It seems evident that having the two together working side by side would be an ideal. Considering all the downsides of prescription drugs, I think the combination is worth a try!